An unfortunate side effect of having a blast on your dirt bike is the fact that you then have to clean your bike. Here at MXstore, we understand that this might not be the most enjoyable facet of owning a motorbike, so have built a pretty considerable range of motorcycle cleaning products to help make this chore as easy as possible. 

When it comes time to get grime off of your Honda or Kawasaki, you really want to equip yourself with a decent cleaning kit. Get yourself a sturdy mud scraper to help remove the larger, easily removed bits of mud and dirt - it's not a terrible idea to make this happen at the track before you even load up, as it ensures it doesn't set like rock hard and end up all over the inside of your van or ute tray as it falls off whilst heading home. Check out our range from the likes of Ballards, Rhino, Motion Pro and more. Next, make sure you have a bike wash solution of some kind. These moto washes have been designed to soften up the remaining dirt and muck that is stuck to your machine, and even if you are going to attack your dirty bike with a pressure washer, you will enjoy a less arduous experience by applying an appropriate bike cleaner. We have motorcycle cleaners from Muc-Off, Maxima, Motul and Motorex, amongst others. A pressure cleaner - we have them as well - is pretty much a must have when looking to return your bike to as close to original condition as possible, but they do need to be used with a bit of caution, and not concentrate the hi-pressure jet on areas that can be susceptible to extra wear and tear. For the hard to shift places like around your chain and under your fenders, your mud scraper or a dedicated chain brush and sponge will certainly make life easier.

Once you've got all the mud and crud off of your Yamaha, giving your machine a once over with a microfiber cloth will help with the drying process and remove any water spots. Once nice and dry, it's time for a freshen up with a plastic cleaner such as Maxima SC1 or Ipone protectant spray. Putting a nice high sheen spray cleaner over your bike does more than just dress her up nicely until the next ride - it leaves a layer that makes it more difficult for the mud and gunk to grab hold as well and the cleaning cycle takes less effort your next clean. If you give your chain a dose of chain cleaner and another going over with a chain brush and drying towel, you will take off any residual gunk and foreign grit. You will be left with nice clean chain to then apply your chain lube to - a process that will ensure you get the best life and performance from your drive train.