Getting your young ones onto a dirt bike and out there riding is one of the greatest moments in most parents lives. When your passion and love of riding grabs a hold of your son or daughter and see's them packing their own gear bags and helping with the prep for a weekend on the track is certainly a scenario many of the team at MXstore are stoked on. First things first, when getting your kids into riding your primary focus should be on the shaping of smart safety habits and the importance of riding with the appropriate safety gear. Ensuring they have on the bare minimum safety items in one of the most important things to check off before that first ride (or more correctly, attempted ride) even gets underway - a correctly fitted helmet, goggles, motocross boots, knee guards and elbow guards, chest protectors and neck braces are certainly priorities when it comes to riding gear. 

Having gotten this out of the way, the next stage of equipping your youngsters properly is getting them in some fresh kit. Now really this doesn't hold the same importance as the previously mentioned safety items, but the inner racer in all of us certainly appreciate the latest and greatest when it comes to motocross gear. And often featuring sewn in padding and optimum ventilation, adding a motocross jersey into the kit does help. Nowadays the younger crowd are certainly catered to with tonnes of options when it comes to MX gear.  Most junior riding gear has now evolved to be scaled down versions of the modern and pretty high tech racewear that is available for fully grown humans. When it comes to the range of kids motocross jerseys available at MXstore - it's pretty substantial. We've got a HUGE range of jerseys from Fox Racing, Oneal, Answer, Thor, Fly Racing, Alpinestars, Troy Lee Designs, Seven, Shift, Fasthouse - let's just say that when buying for your younger crew you won't be limited in options. And most groms do love love to match up with the bike, so this large range of brands and their large range of colours and designs will help you match the KTM, Yamaha or Honda mini bike you have got the kids riding.