The headlight on your motorbike plays a pretty crucial role. If you have a dual sport dirt bike and spend time on and off the road, the driving lights made up of your headlight, tail lights and dirt bike indicators are a legal requirement that you are required to have fitted at all times. While you are riding among other road users, your motorcycle headlight not only helps in lighting your path, but has been proven to also assist in increasing your visibility to other road users at all hours of the day. If your riding is of an off road only variety where you spend your time taking part in closed course enduro riding or trail riding, your dirt bike headlight comes in handy in keeping your trail lit in low light conditions that are all too common. Many race organizers require participants in off road races to have a race light fitted to their bike. The capability of many of the enduro machines on offer today will allow their riders to easily navigate their local motocross track with relative ease - having a fragile item like a head lamp on your bike combined with the rough features on a moto track would have led many users to swap out their dirt bike lights for a standard front plate to remove the risk of expensive damage. But as modern LED headlights have become more common and headlight bulbs more reliable due to the advances in LED lights, the number of bikes found on the track with halogen headlight or brake lights are always increasing. Here at MXstore we have a large range of headlights, bulbs, wiring harnesses and replacement parts, and whether you are riding a Yamaha, Honda or KTM we can certainly help with what you need.