Unfortunately owning a motorbike comes with an unfortunate side effect of some people wanting to take your hard earned pride and joy off you. So it's a good idea to make that risk of motorcycle theft a more difficult proposition by using some form of motorcycle security device to secure your bike. Here at MXstore we stock a variety of motorcycle locks, chains and anchors to help with ensuring maximum protection for both at home and while away from home. To help with anti-theft protection when out of the garage and away from home, making use of your bike's steering lock and a disc lock are some of the most common security locks. Disc locks are effective visual deterrents while causing impedient to would be thieves, but perhaps a smarter way to achieve a similar level of protection is to make use of a grip lock motorcycle lock. These clever devices attach to your throttle grip at the handlebar and clamps on the front brake lever of your sports bike or scooter, acting as a brake lock would and keeping your bike in place. By being affixed at your dirt bike grip it's an obvious device and will ensure you are aware that it is in place upon returning to your bike. Their compact size means they aren't too much of a burden to carry on bike or body.