Steg Pegz are a revolutionary Australian concept, which have been design to reduce the strain on your arms and entire upper body by increasing the level of grip and control offered by your legs. Owned and operated out of Queensland, Australia, Stegz is the brainchild of former QLD state motocross champion Steve Smith. This family run business has seen increasing demand for their amazing product over the last few years, and in response have ramped up production to ensure the numbers required to meet the demands of a hungry motocross and enduro market. KTM Steg Pegz are one of the most popular product lines you'll find, and when you consider the benefits and features of Stegz Pegz it's easy to see why.

Designed to allow the rider to grip the bike far more effectively with their legs, the Steg Pegz are simply golden for riders battling long treks through the desert or gnarliest tracks on a dirt bike. With additional control of the bike coming from your legs, there's far less stress placed on your arms and forearms, making them much less likely to fatigue. Two such riders who rave about the benefits of Steg Pegz are Australia's own Toby Price, multi-time Dakar Champion, Finke Desert Race Champion, Australian Off-road Champion and Hattah Desert Race Champion, as well as Ben "Grabbo" Grabham, also a multiple Finke Desert Race Champion. When it comes to holding on to your motorbike for dear life as you fly through the desert upwards of 150km/h, few know better than these 2 champions, and for them to put their faith, and results, into a product such as Steg Pegz, you know they're the real deal.

With Steg Pegz available across most dirt bike and adventure bike manufacturers, the market continues to grow. Following right behind their Euro older brothers are the Husqvarna Steg Pegz, as well as a huge range for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Husaberg and Kawasaki dirt bikes and offroad motorcycles. For those who are chasing the heavy duty kind of equipment, check out the Desert King Steg Pegz, an upgraded version with thicker aluminium plating and additional rubber pucks. These bad boys are designed specifically for the hardcore desert racer, so if you spend your weekend flashing through the wide open sand dunes, save your arms the effort and get yourself some Stegz!