Anyone who rides motocross or enduro would be all to familiar with the disappointment of a flat tyre. Or on the other end of the spectrum, those dirt bike riders would also be very much aware of the improvements in performance that banging on a new dirt bike tire can deliver. In both these cases, there is the unfortunate task of having to change your dirt bike tire. Not the most difficult task that comes with owning an off road motorcycle, and there are plenty of people are skilled in the art of tyre levers and can bang out a tyre change without breaking a sweat. If you have reached the point where making it happen with your tire irons has got a bit tiresome, take a look at the range of Tyre Changers we have in stock here at MXstore. These heavy duty tire changers come in a few models, and incorporate into their designs some of the more fundamental tasks that make up the process of a tyre change. Built in tire bead breakers, rim lock assistance and the ability to throw in a bib mousse tube or regular inner tube easier than ever before.