Dirt Bike polish is a must when it comes to the cleanup stage of your motorcycle. Bike cleaning is essential for keeping your dirtbike looking brand new and there are a few steps before jumping to the polish stage. Now with any dirtbike whether you have a Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Yamaha, Suzuki, or Husqvarna you always start with a good degreaser to release most of the dirt from the engine and final drive on your dirtbike. Then use a pressure washer to remove the grime and dirt build-up correctly so that you're left with a spotless dirtbike. Now that your moto is all clean it is time to use your protectant.

Protectant is best applied with a microfiber cloth so that the polisher does not drop any lube onto the brake discs, seat, or other items that can't be left slippery. We have different types of polishing products here at MXstore that allow you to cover all bases, from metal shining products to silicone type lube that is more of a multi-purpose spray.