An item that is often overlooked but can do a great deal to improving your overall riding experience is a steering damper. Installing a damper, often known as a steering stabilizer, to your dirt bike can offer a massive improvement to your off road riding, adding an additional level of comfort between the terrain and what you gets transferred through your handlebars to the rider. Working with technology not too dissimilar to your bike's suspension, the damper mounts to the front end of your bike (typically your tucked away under your bars or triple clamp) and helps eliminate any headshake or high speed jolts that are all too common on the enduro trails. Damper kits have been growing in popularity for motocross users as well, keen to take advantage of the benefits that a stabilizer kit can offer. Available to fit the majority of bikes, whether you are riding a Honda, KTM, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Husaberg or Husqvarna, the appropriate bar mount or mount kit can make these work on any bike. 

Here at MXstore, we stock a variety of steering dampers to improve your experience on your bike. As well, when dialing in your damper, take the time to ensure your steering head is in optimum condition with our range of replacement bearing and specialized tools to do any maintenance you might require. As well, dampers can sometimes be a challenge to get sorted in the tight confines of your cockpit, so take a look at our bar clamps and risers to get your machine dialed.