The clutch lever on your dirt bike is a pretty essential piece of kit to keep sorted. You can very quickly send an enjoyable ride down the drain by snapping it off and not having a replacement with you. As all off road riders are aware, the simplest of tip overs on the motocross track or enduro trail will often result in this unfortunate scenario. At MXstore we have certainly all experienced this at some point in our riding careers, and as such, we know first hand some of the ways to get around the disappointment that can occur. 

Many riders prefer the feel and performance provided by the OEM clutch and brake levers. So to accommodate that preference we stock a wide range of OEM replacement levers and clutch perches. Whether you are on a Honda, Yamaha or KTM, we have the dirt bike clutch lever that will take the place of any stock one that needs replacing. It's certainly a common sense approach to have a spare front brake and clutch lever close at hand if you are running standard levers. Ballards, DRC, MCS and Motion Pro all offer stronger than stock replacement clutch blades. Another option that often permits the use of your stock perch is to throw on a set of flex clutch and flex brake levers. Often called "Unbreakable levers", these levers have a built in hinge mechanism with the blade that allows the levers to fold back on themselves in the event on an impact, removing a substantial amount of the likelihood that your lever & perch will be damaged. Some of the brands that manufacturer these include ARC, RHK, Zeta and ASV. Another approach that can be taken to lessen the impact taken by your handlebars and associated controls is to utilise a set of handguards. Even a lighter set of plastic hand guards can reduce the amount of damage caused by an impact to your clutch lever assembly and master cylinders.