Every rider loves to keep their offroad motocross or enduro machine maintained and clean to ensure the bike works at its best each time you hit the track. Keeping the dirt bike frame clean can be a real mission, which is why we offer a large range of frame protection for a variety of makes and models. Most bikes do not come with OEM frame guards and other forms of bike protection. We have a display of brands that offer exceptional products to our customers such as Works connection frame guards, Acerbis frame guards, Zeta, and UFO frame guards. These motorcycle parts are a perfect addition to your new bike to protect the frame and offer extra grip!

We offer other forms of bike protection such as Polisport swingarm guards, Skid Plates, Frame sliders, Handguards, and many other products if you choose to go the extra mile on your machine and offer it the most protection possible for your aggressive riding style. These frame guards are not only a good addition to the shopping cart for style points, but you can also easily match your riding gear and other dirt bike parts on the machine. These are just one of the many things to check out for your model of a dirt bike. We also stock a selection of grip tapes for the frame and the radiator shrouds/fuel tank area that can be used for a similar purpose, however, the grip tape is tricky to put on correctly and can be easily worn through. These frame guards made by the leading brands listed above are super high quality and offer premium grip when you are attacking the track and need to keep your machine pointing the direction you choose.