Dirt Bike Plastics Kits are one of the most popular products on the market. If you're looking at upgrading the look of your prized machine, a brand new plastics kit is one of the most essential pieces of a makeover. Coupled with a fresh Motorbike Graphics Kit, your new plastics kit can completely change the appearance of your bike. We stock a huge range of options for this exact reason, with complete black or white kits available for most of your recent dirt bike models allowing you to rather radically turn your previously stock standard coloured machine into a work of art. A select range of Fluro options are also available for some of your more popular bikes, and these things are seriously fresh.

With OEM colour options available in nearly all makes and models of dirt bikes, a new plastics kit is also a good option if you've had a decent stack and your plastics are looking a little worse for wear. Sometimes keeping it simple is best, so our OEM kits seriously good options if you're just looking for a replacement kit. Our RTECH Plastics Kits are one of the more popular lines, with an almost endless range to suit a massive range of different bikes, and when they're available at such an affordable price they're a safe bet for any rider out there. And there's certainly no doubting the quality of the product with the Pro Circuit Kawasaki Team having run them for years.

And don't think that plastics kits are only there for appearance! Cycra is a brand that looks at plastics as a true performance upgrade, and with their Cycra Powerflow Plastics they've gone and made them into exactly that. It's pretty impressive to see the technology that does into a product like this, and while they may come at a higher price compared to other brands of plastics kits, if you're after every kind of performance gain possible, they're definitely worth having a look at. 

MXstore has taken one of the biggest hassles out of buying plastics kits online, offering absolutely free freight on all plastics kits orders to anywhere in the country. Being a decent sized product, the freight charges on these guys can be fairly heavy, so we've taken it upon ourselves to ensure that's a burden that you won't have to bear. And if you have any concerns about the installation of your new plastics kit once you get your hands on it, you'll want to check out our how-to video below, where we talk you through the somewhat simple steps involved in installing a plastics kit on your dirt bike.