One of the first pieces of protective gear that dirt bike riders search for after finding a suitable helmetgoggles, and boots are a good pair of dirt bike knee guards. Whether you have gotten behind the handlebars for the first time or are a rider with more than ten years of experience who sleeps in your riding gear, you will want to protect yourself with a good set of motocross knee guards.

The reason that off-road riders begin to look for knee protection early on is that aside from your feet and ankles your knees and shins are the next closest body part to the ground. Around the kneecap is a sensitive area that is kind of a protective barricade of your knee joint which is a crucial body part. There is a large range of knee pads and shin guards available and riders who are interested in enduro, motocross, ATV, dual-sport or even BMX and MTB are all wanting some form of epic knee protector. Knee protection is made by a number of popular brands like Fox Racing, Fly Racing, LeattEVS, and Oneal. It is for people at all levels of riding with Knee guards beginning at the basic velcro pad through to hinged hardened plastic guards which offer more protection. The next level in knee protection is knee braces that protect the knee joint and ligaments. The next step of protection after finding a good set of knee and shin guards is to follow the same process to find a suitable set of elbow guardsbody armour and a neck brace.