When it comes to hydration, there's only one name that comes to mind - Camelbak. Formed in 1998 by Michael Eidson, a bicycle racer behind the revolutionising hands-free hydration. His original design was an IV bag which he put in a sock and slipped into his back pack to help him get through long cycling races. From there the brand has grown into the one and only for hydration in all forms, now supplying equipment to motorcyle and bicycle riders, the military, industrial workers, and just about anyone else that reqiures hydration on the go.

From the IV bag in the sock, Camelbak Hydration Packs have now grown into one of the largest ranges in the market. Unlike cheaper hydration packs that can sometimes struggle to get the job done and are constantly leaking and breaking, Camelbak supply the highest of quality back packs which can be used from bush walking to racing dirt bikes across the desert without any issue, these packs will all come with top of the line Camelbak bladders installed, which range from a 1.5L to a 3L. The bladders include a quick link disconnect system, leakproof on/off lever at the bite valve, and the Camelbak big bite valve which self seals after every use. Hydration really isn't something you want take the cheaper option gamble on, Camelbak will leave you stress free and confident no matter what you're using it for.   

A common problem people have is drink bottles not keeping your water cool enough, making it harder to rehydrate. Camelbak Podium Inslutated Drink Bottles prevent this from happening with the special polyurethane and HydroGuard blend, keeping your drink cool for hours in the warmer weather making activities more enjoyable and keeping you feeling good.