Maintaining the chain and sprockets on your dirt bike is an essential task to keep your off road machine performing well. A quick check to make sure that the drive chain of your motorcycle is properly adjusted should be carried out each and every ride, and will help to ensure you're not causing unnecessary strain to your bike. Also checking the wear of your front sprocket and rear sprocket frequently helps to get the best life span out of your chain. Putting a new chain onto existing sprockets is typically fine, but if your sprockets are getting a bit long in the tooth (pun intended) you will shorten the life of your chain as it will stretch far more quickly than when paired with sprockets still in a decent condition. If you have managed to fatigue both your MX chain and sprockets and need to replace them in the one service, do yourself a favour and grab one of MXstores handy chain & sprocket kits. These kits come with both front sprockets and rear sprockets, either an O-ring chain or standard dirt bike chain and replacement sprocket bolts. Whether you are riding a Kawasaki, KTM or Husqvarna enduro machine or a Honda or Yamaha motocross bike, we have the right kit for you. We have kits from RHK, Supersprox and Ballards to help take the chore out of gathering together the right bits and pieces. While your chasing the parts for your required maintenance, don't forget to check out the chain guides, case savers and bolt kits you need to keep your machine running sweet.