One of the best selling products for your motocross workshop is a bike stand. Dirt bike stands are a great way to leave the motorbike steady and upright for easy maintenance and servicing. Most dirt bikes come with an OEM triangle stand which is great, however, it can be difficult to work on certain aspects of the bike without it sitting tall on one of our motorcycle lift stands, folding stands or static stands. 

Arguably the best selling dirt bike stand would be the static stands. These are extremely durable and reliable every time you lift your KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki or Suzuki up onto the stand for a service or to store your bike in the garage. These stands are suitable for motocross and enduro machines and are super useful to every rider. Cleaning your bike is made easier as you can spin the rear wheel and front wheel to get all of the dirt and sand out of your brake pads. Next time you are changing your fendersfootpegs, seat cover, sticker kits, air filters/oil filters, spark plugs or throwing a set of swingarm protectors on be sure to throw the bike on the stand and make your job easier!

Next time you plan on getting behind the handlebars and heading to the track make sure to throw a new static stand in the ute with your gear bag and complete the setup!