Known as the oil of Switzerland, Motorex has been lubricating motorycle engines and components for 100 years. 2017 saw the celebration of 100 years of Motorex, and there's no doubting the strong reputation associated with the Motorex brand name. Trusted by factory race teams world wide, Motorex products range from air filters to chain lube, brake fluid and oils. Market leading performance, an unmatched range of every product you could ever need, and superior product quality are just some of the reasons this Swiss brand sits atop the international throne. One of the few brands to produce both oils and the products to match, if you're looking for peak performance from your dirt bike you can't go past Motorex Air Filters and their matching air filter oils and cleaners.

Though a diverse range of products is the key to their success, there's no doubting the superior performance that comes with all Motorex products. Perhaps one of their more well renowned product lines, Motorex 2 Stroke Oil was developed with the help of KTM factory race teams worldwide for both motocross and supercross. With KTM sitting comfortably as the leading dirt bike manufacturer in the global market, it's no coincidence that the Motorex and KTM brand names run hand in hand. Their 2T Cross Power is a fully synthetic oil specifically for 2 stroke off road motorcycles, and one of the favourites amongst all 2-stroke nutters out there today.

Of course, with the more recent domination of the dirt bike market by the 4 stroke revolution, Motorex ensured they had you covered. Powering 4x AMA SX Champion Ryan Dungey to every one of his world titles, Motorex 4 Stroke Oil comes in a variety of blends and multiple viscosities. The 4T Cross Power in particular is a favourite amongst 4 stroke riders, offering pro level performance to get the absolute most out of your prized machine. With the continuous research and development that pours into every single product produced under the Motorex name, it's easy to see why the world's fastest riders choose to ride with Motorex. Check out the huge range available at MXstore today and take that next step towards becoming a champion.