Pro Taper has been revolutionising the motocross industry since its inception in 1991. For as long as it's been around, Pro Taper has been the standard by which all aftermarket accessory brands have been measured. Using cutting edge techology and some of the most creative and innovative minds in the industry, Pro Taper's wide range of products have long been outlasting, out-featuring and outperforming any other products on the market. No matter your discipline, be it motocross, street or adventure, Pro Taper's passionate team will have you covered with the highest quality parts and accessories available. Their constant evolution and innovation leaves the competition in the dust, as they again and again push things to the next level.

They're a brand that is perhaps best know for their massive range of handlebars, and for good reason. The original introduction of the Pro Taper 1 1/8" Taperwall Handlebars revolutionized the motorcycle industry, and to this day the technology and inspiration seen in these bars is still prevelant in many of the handlebars used on dirt bikes around the world. Building from their original design, Pro Taper now produce a huge range of motorcycle handlebars, including their Contour Handlebars, EVO Handlebars, Micro Handlebars, 7/8" handlebars and their industry leading Fuzion Handlebars. With a level of technology unseen in other brands, it's no wonder factory teams such as Geico Honda and Rockstar Energy Husqvarna choose the load their factory race bikes with Pro Taper Bars.

Following the success of their handlebar range, the next step of motorcycle control seemed pre-determined - grips. Half waffle grips, ATV grips, 1/3 waffle grips, pillow top grips and dual compound grips make up the arsenal of options available in Pro Taper Grips. With designs and colourways ranging from Neon half waffles right through to the staple black/grey pillow tops, Pro Taper offer what is without doubt one of the most comprehensive motorcycle grip ranges available anywhere. Throw in the added bonuses of Pro Taper Grip Glue and Pro Taper Grip Donuts to run alongside your grips, and they've got every angle covered. When it comes to one of the most important points of contact with your dirt bike, put your trust in a brand that will not let you down (or let you fall off the back of your bike!). 

Pro Taper has since expanded their core range of control products to include Chains, Foot Pegs, Throttle Tubes, Sprockets and Handlebar Pads. Covering a broader range of products has certainly not taken away from the quality of their product lines, and that's the main reason behind a number of Factory Racing teams equipping their boys with Pro Taper products. For a brand such as Pro Taper, leading the industry is not enough. Every day they are pushing the limits to develop and innovate the next level of racing, and their stranglehold on the industry does not look like letting up in the near future.

Pro Taper - Take Control.