In 1947 the Dutch national motorcycle federation hosted an international “scramble” for teams from Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands and called it a “moto-cross”.

As the sport grew in popularity over the next 25 years one factor remained constant being the frustration of riding dirt bikes in the dunes and sandy loam of the Netherlands. Although the terrain offered perfect a riding surface, the stock paper air filters were no match and 30 minutes of riding was the maximum riders would get before air filter failure.

In 1972 the revolutionary laminated, dual-foam air filter was created which when soaked with a special oil, allowed free airflow into the carburettor while keeping grit, dirt and grime out.

 Twin Air have continually evolved with the pace of motorcycle design and technology specialising in a range of accessories to aid in the prevention of keeping unwanted debris out of the motorcycles induction port including Twin Air Airbox Covers and other innovative products which they hold the trademark on.

Twin Air manufacture OEM air filters for over 20 motorcycle companies globally and have been a part of more national and world championships than all other filters combined.