An unfortunate side effect to the good times that your dirt bike can offer is the task of bike cleaning and getting rid off all types of post ride grime and gunk. To make the task a little bit easier, here at MXstore we stock a huge range of bike cleaners, degreasers and even pressure washers to help you get your bike back to brand new quicker. The typical bike wash routine is give your bike and attached dirt a wet down, before giving it a coat of your preferred bike wash via a spray bottle or hose foam sprayer. Once this has soaked into the muck and softened rup, going at it with your pressure cleaner (and perhaps a cleaning brush for more tricky spots of build up) will have you well on the way to a clean bike. At this stage as well, utilizing spray on bake cleaners and degreasing solutions that can save on scrubbing some of the trickier spots. Once you have got rid of the crud and finish up rinsing off and the bike has dried off, then utilize your contact cleaner and a microfiber cloth to really clean up your moto back to as close to a new bike as you can. Using a chain cleaner and adding on fresh lube helps to your drive train helps maximise performance as well as the life span of your chain and sprockets. At the end of the day, cleaning your bike is just as much a part of having a bike as riding it, so do yourself a favour and stock up on the items to make it easier.