One of the most crucial components of a dirt bike is the engine. The engine can only do its job if certain everything works as one and complete the job efficiently and effectively. Dirt bike cables are an extremely important part of the machine as they offer a direct push/pull motion from either the throttle tube, brake lever, brake pedal, and clutch lever. Some of the biggest race teams in the United States focus their energy on finding products to cover and protect cables to ensure there are no splits or cables snapping in the event of a crash. Front brake cables and surrounding control cables are at the front of the dirt bike, copping dirt and rocks from other riders rear wheel and always being under fire straight out of the race gates unless you get the holeshot!

We stock a huge range of clutch cables and throttle cables to suit many makes and models of KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki machinery. Brands such as Motion Pro, Trail Tech, and Zeta provide OEM replacement cables for motocross and enduro dirt bikes. These dirt bike throttle cables and clutch/brake cable kits will directly fit into the original cable housing on the dirt bike. Motorbike throttle kits are also on offer from Motion pro to provide a completely unique twist throttle and cable guide for your carburetor on the machine if you are chasing the most customisable option. The inner wire behind the plastic protective housing can also stretch and fray over time, be sure to check these cables regularly when servicing your dirt bike to maintain a good level of trust over your machine!