Having the right gear lever on your dirt bike can be the difference between getting yourself onto the podium, or feeling like you're driving a 21 speed semi-trailer. If you don't have the right connection and right feel with your shift lever, the assurance of grabbing the right gear at the right time can leave you more focused on shifting gears than making passes. Thankfully here at MXstore we have a massive range of dirt bike gear levers to make sure you are dialed in with the best gear shift lever for your bike. Whether you are on a KTM, Yamaha or Husqvarna enduro machine, or on a Honda, Suzuki or Kawasaki motocross bike, our range of shifters have you covered. Gear shifter levers are a surprisingly fickle item, with levers offering a variety of position options, knurled versus rubber lever tips and offsets to be considered when making your choice to step away from OEM. Thankfully here at MXstore, we offer a huge range that features Hammerhead, RHK, Ballards, Zeta and more to choose from. 

When changing up your lever shifter, it might pay to complement your new addition by adding some bling elsewhere to match. Thankfully at Mxstore we also stock all the other off road motorcycle parts you might be looking to change up when a gear lever is on your wishlist. Make use of our "My Garage" feature to load up your shopping cart with brake levers, clutch levers, bolt kits, sprockets and foot pegs to fit your bike and match your new shifter.