Created for the world's greatest racers, Maxima racing oils have put over 30 years of research and technology, not to mention hours of testing into their market leading products. Located in Southern California and founded in 1979, Maxima truly is one of the most recognised brands in the racing industry to date and is trusted by race teams and recreational riders world wide.

Maxima have one of the most comprehensive ranges of Maxima 4 stroke oil and 2 stroke oil on the market. Available in many different formulas and viscosities, there is an oil for every application. Whether you ride a thumping big bore motorcycle or are more of a traditionalist and own a good old 2 smoker, Maxima have the right oil to keep your engine protected.

It doesn't stop with engine oil as Maxima have a complete range of other oils and lubricants, cleaning products such as the top selling Maxima SC1 Silicone Spray and even air and oil filters to help keep your steed in tip top condition.