Something that's always handy to carry around in the tool bag is a funnel to make it quick, clean and easy to fill up the fuel tank on your dirtbike at any off-road or motocross event. Our Ballards foldable multi-purpose funnels are great for this as they take up no space while travelling and create a perfect spout to fill easily.  Then when it comes to mixing your fuel we supply ,easuring jugs for those 2 stroke riders looking to have their bikes running crisp as ever.  Measuring cups or jugs are used to measure how much 2 stroke oil is recommended to mix with your fuel per litre so that your bike runs perfectly in all conditions. This is not to be confused with our engine oil measuring jugs that are used when you do an oil change and need to know how many millilitres to put into your engine.  

Measuring jugs can be used for any job like replacing coolant if you're fixing your water pump, soaking oil filters, changing brake fluid or even soaking your engine parts before fitting them to your bike.  With measuring jugs and funnels being so inexpensive make sure to add one to your wishlist so you're ready for the next time you checkout.