Here at MXstore we hold engine oil and transmission oil to accommodate as many 2 stroke engines and 4 stroke engines as possible. Our 4 stroke engine oil display covers some world-leading brands in the industry and ensures 4 stroke oil for every dirt bike out there! To ensure there is enough slippage inside the engine the correct gear oil is necessary to prevent any moving parts from seizing and causing further damage. It is also important for keeping the clutch plates and crankcase lubricated for that nice clean-burning motor oil to produce as much horsepower on the track for your riding ability.

Every dirt bike manufacturer recommends a different oil viscosity and weight depending on your motocross, enduro or ATV Bike. All of which are high-performance motorcycle engine oils for 'anti-wear' of the engine internals which require lubricating at high temperatures and under pressure whilst out at the track ripping! The brands we stock are second to none and provide Racing oil, Mineral oil, Fully Synthetic oil, Semi-synthetic oil and a range of premix. Brands include MotorexMotulMaxima, Belray, Lucas Oil, Castrol power four-stroke oils and more! 

If you are not sure of which 4 stroke motorcycle oil is correct for your machine, feel free to give our friendly customer service team a call, send us an email or use the website live chat for any further information!