Steg Pegz are an innovative Australian invention that aim to improve your control in rigorous off road, motocross and enduro riding scenarios, while helping combat arm pump and rider fatigue. Stegz feature an aluminium bracket to which rubber pucks are affixed that are then mounted to the frame of your dirt bike just behind where you grip the bike with your knees and calves. They assist the rider to "lock in" to the bike with less effort, which then allows a more relaxed grip upon the handlebars while still ensuring the same level of control. Each model offers significant adjustability, and come in several models for most bikes. The Desert King Stegz Pegz are a heavier duty thickness to withstand the most trying of conditions that occur from desert races to the gnarliest tracks, while there are also setback options for those really chasing that rear wheel traction and hanging off the back of their foot pegs

No matter the bike you are riding, here at MXstore we have a set of Stegz Pegs to help you hammer terrain like Finke Champion Toby Price. Whether you are chasing Stegz for your KTM, Husqvarna or Yamaha off road machine, or needing a set for your Honda, Kawasaki or Suzuki motocross machine we have options available. Or if you're in need of replacement rubber pucks to refresh your Stegz, we can get you sorted.