A world leader in grip technology, ODI have spent the better part of 25 years revolutionising the motorcycle industry with innovative products that are embraced by top level athletes all over the world. Producing products exclusively from their homegrown factory in the USA, ODI remains one of the few OG moto brands to keep their production lines under their direct control, and the unmatched quality of their products speak volumes of their commitment to their work. While their industry leading ODI Grips have long been the driving force behind the brand's success, recent years have seen the introduction of whole new ranges of products that carry with them the very same quality and reputation as their grips. With global stars like Davi Millsaps, Blake Baggett and Shane McElrath flying the ODI flag, it's no surprise to see the continued growth of one of the raddest moto brands around.

In the perfect addition to their enormous grip range, ODI Handlebars follow closely in the footsteps of their brothers, offering innovation, technology and performance not found in the products produced by the competition. Guiding 2016 AMA Motocross Champion Ken Roczen all the way to his title, ODI bars have proven their durability and performance for the fastest racer in the world, through one of the hardest championships on the planet, so you know they can handle whatever you throw at them. Available in a wide range of styles, bends and colours, a set of ODI handlebars is the perfect addition for anyone looking to get the most out of their riding, and look stylish as hell whilst doing it. 

Kenny wasn't the only superstar to join forces with the ODI brand, with former AMA Champion Jeff Emig collaborating with ODI to bring to life his range of ODI Emig Grips. Perhaps the most popular grip in dirt bike riding today, the V2 Lock-On Grip system used in the Emig grips truly revolutionised the grip industry as we know it. Jeff himself is a huge fan of the technology, with guaranteed 100% slip-free throttle performance, dead simple installation and removal, no need for grip glue, and a brand new smooth throttle tube incorporated into every set of grips you buy. The huge range of colours offers the perfect replacement options for anyone chasing a new set of grips, and using the variety of throttle cams on offer, are available for whatever dirt bike you ride. Shop Emig Lock-On Grips at MXstore today, and we promise you'll never look back!