Whether you ride offroad motocross or the enduro trails and races we highly recommend browsing through our selection of radiator braces and radiator guards for your machine! These super-strong bulletproof design guards offer premium radiator protection and replace the OEM radiator louvers on your dirt bike. Radiators are extremely important and are the main cooling system for your motorcycle, protecting them and offering high flow radiator braces is of high priority. Brands such as Works connection, Force Accessories, and CrossPro are just a few of the leading radiator covers on the market.  For optimum radiator protection, these guards are exactly what you need. These guards are manufactured with high-quality materials to prevent damage to the radiators as well as the radiator support brackets on the dirt bike. The braces are mounted on the side of the radiator to prevent twisting in a fall and the guards are mounted on the front face to prevent roost and damage.

Most enduro racers are encouraged to fit a bash plate or skid plate, radiator brace or guard, heavy-duty sprockets and a fan kit to their machine for optimum performance in every terrain. We have options to suit many models of KTM EXC range, Yamaha WR250F, and WR450F models, as well as, parts for your Husqvarna, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Sherco or Gas Gas machine! Radiators are located at the front of the machine just behind the front fender and between the side shrouds where your fuel tank sits. They are extremely vulnerable and will always be one of the first spots on the machine to get hit with heavy roost from another rider you are following. Hence the importance of keeping them safe to ensure they can perform at their best and cool the dirt bike accordingly. These products should be considered for your shopping cart to keep the machine safe!