Dirt Bike Handlebars are one of the key components of your machine that you need to get right to get the most out of your riding. These things can seriously make or break the overall ergonomics and feel of the machine, with the positioning of your handlebars having a direct effect on how the bike feels and performs. Although you might eventually get used to whatever set up you're running, riding will be a whole lot easier on your body when you're lining up with a set of handlebars that are suitable for your height and the style of riding you're doing. Your first stop should definitely be our Dirt Bike Handlebars How-To Guide if you're at all unsure of what you need to be looking for in a new set of bars. 

Here at MXstore, we stock three main varieties of motorbike handlebars, the first and most popular of which is the Tapered Fat Bars. These are going to be the strongest and most dependable style of handlebars, and as such are at the top end of the pricing scale. However, you're going to be getting some serious bang for your buck, as these are the very same style of handlebar that you'll see riders like Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen running week in week out over in the States. Tough, durable, and with a wide range of bends and colours on offer, the Fat Bars are well worth the investment if you're chasing some new handlebars.

We also stock a huge range of 7/8 Handlebars. These guys are a little less heavy duty than the Tapered Fat Bars, though they still perform admirably out on the track or trails. Depending on the kind of riding you're into, you may find these handlebars more suitable to your own personal preference, and we're sure that the bank account will be pretty stoked with the 7/8" variety of bars. Again, these bad boys are available in a fairly broad range of colours and bends, and with brands like Renthal, Pro Taper, ODI Handlebars, RHK, and Tag Metals bringing you their own 7/8 handlebar product lines, there's some serious quality on offer. And don't forget our third and final range, the Mini Bike Handlebars! With a mixture of Fat Bars and 7/8" Bars available in the mini bike size, there's plenty of good options here for the young ones.

We've tried to make your MX Handlebars shopping experience as simple as possible, so you'll find the different colour options and ranges available on the main category pages, whilst the individual bends of the bars are going to be selected at the product level. Basically, choose your style and colour of bar, and then you'll be able to pick out what bend you're after. We've made an effort to ensure that all handlebars have the different bend measurements available on the product pages, so you can figure out for yourself which bend is the one you need (they vary slightly across the different brands, just to try and complicate things!).

Don't forget that all Handlebar orders at MXstore over $20 will qualify you for free shipping to anywhere in the country, so have a browse through the ranges and when you've picked out the handlebars you want, those beauties will be flying their way to you care of free freight!