Mobius Technologies is one of the newest players to the motocross knee protection arena, but despite their only recent arrival, they're already well ahead of the game. Having joined forces with multi-time AMA Motocross and Supercross World Champion Ryan Villopoto to first debut their industry leading Mobius X8 Knee Braces to the world, Mobius took the basic idea of "We can do better" and set about revolutionising the idea of what a knee brace truly is and what it offers to the wearer. Shortly after sustaining a serious knee injury in the 2012 Supercross season, Villopoto had a chance meeting with Mobius founder Darren Fleming. Having been impressed with the initial idea and design of the Mobius brace, Villopoto had no hesitation in joining the development team and working closely with Darren on further developing what is today known as the most cutting edge knee brace in the industry. 

The technology on show in the Mobius knee brace is designed to externally reinforce the four main cruciate ligaments of the knee joint. The most common knee injuries in motocross are caused by the bending, rotating and hyper-extension of these key ligaments in the knee, and the CCRS (Continuous Cable Routing System) that manages the Mobius X8 Brace offers serious external support to help protect against these kind of injuries. For a more thorough description of the protective capablities and technologies of a Mobius brace, check out a Mobius X8 Knee Brace Set and see it in action for yourself. The X8 is a result of over seven years of research, development and testing, so if you're looking for premium knee protection, look no further than the Mobius X8.

Having partnered with one of the most dominant dirt bike riders on the planet from the very beginning, Mobius has always carried a strong brand reputation - if they're good enough for one of the fastest racers in the world, you know they know what they're doing! 2015 saw Mobius bring on board the heir to Ryan Villopoto's throne, and when it comes to brand ambassadors, there are few better than multi-time World Champion Ryan Dungey. Dungey has since taken the X8 knee brace to the top of the podium far more often than not, and despite suffering several injury setbacks over the past few years, not once has he suffered a single knee injury, something he credits to the X8 braces he loves so much -  “Not only are the X8 knee braces comfortable, fit great, and stay in place, but they are a whole new approach to knee protection that I can actually feel working. Feeling secure when I am wearing them racing or practicing is important to me.” For the premium protection that both Villopoto and Dungey rate as the best in the industry, look no further than Mobius.