Keeping a properly maintained air filter is essential to ensure not only the best performance of your dirt bike, but to lessen the amount of wear and tear experienced by your engine. Motocross and off road riding in general tend to go hand in hand with dry and dusty conditions. As your motorcycle's engine requires a constant flow of air into the engine to allow it to run, airborne dust and dirt particles that are generated in these conditions tend to make their way towards your bike's air intake. Manufacturers have designed the airbox of your motorcycle to, if anything, increase the amount of air that is being drawn into the engine, as the preferred option is to have too much to work with than too little. A properly oiled foam air filter provides a layer of protection for your engine, as they allow the air to pass through and into the engine internals, but only after it has caught hold of and removed any foreign items. 

The process of cleaning, oiling and installing an air filter is pretty universal across all dirt bike manufacturers, so it doesn't matter if you're on a Honda or Yamaha motocross bike or a Kawasaki or KTM enduro machine. If you are removing and reusing your existing air filter, it will require a clean with an air filter cleaner to allow the dirty residue to be released, as it certainly gets a good hold of it. Using a specialized air filter cleaner is certainly recommended, as using a degreaser or other options such as petrol tend damage the fragile filter elements. Once that has been dealt with and they have dried out fully, then comes the application of air filter oil. There are a variety of options available when picking your air filter oil - there are biodegradable liquid and other foam filter oils. Many brands offer their air filter oils in a spray can option - this certainly helps with getting the right amount of oil where it is needed, as it's very easy to drown your filter with too much.  

Air filter oils are just one one the many consumable items that we offer here at MXstore. Take a look through our substantial range of engine oils, coolants, gear oils, brake fluids and more - we certainly have everything you might need to keep your bike running at it's best. Reach out to our friendly customer service team if you require any additional guidance or information in regards to any type of maintenance.