Here at MXstore, we have over 40 kick start levers to choose from, which suit a range of the most popular 2 strokes and 4 stroke machines on the market. If you love kicking over your dirt bike rather than using an electric start and starter motor on some 4 stroke engines, we have kick starter levers that are OEM fitment but have the aftermarket bling you need for your motocross bike! Our range extends into the offroad enduro scene as well for a specific set of 2 strokes and 4 strokes. 

We hold a range of leading brands that manufacture similar dirt bike engine parts such as gear shifters and brake pedals. Such as Hammerhead, RHK, and Ballard's! We highly recommend using our bike finder tool on the home page of the website to identify if we have a fitment to suit your motorbike. As kick start shaft is different for every dirt bike we do not recommend purchasing a kick starter that simply looks similar to your standard or broken one. 

When fitting your kick-starter make sure to carefully place it onto the spline and start the screwing the bolt in with your fingers so that you reduce the likeliness of cross-threading as fixing a cross-thread in this area is very difficult and a tricky process. These bolts are always one to come undone so make sure to add kick-starters to the bolt checklist before you head out on the track. Dirt bike kick-starters are essential and to make sure you don't get stuck out at the track without one because it has somehow fallen off make sure to chuck one in your next shopping cart!