With the continued growth of the importance of high-tech protective equipment in the sport of motocross, the Atlas brand answered the call for what many people were demanding - high quality protective pieces, available at an affordable price, from a brand that placed the safety of its customers at a higher priority than anything else. Since the very start of the Atlas Brace project back in 2009, a combination of the world's best riders, engineers and medical experts pooled their somewhat extensive knowledge to create some truly revolutionary products. Uniquely designed and engineered with safety, comfort, mobility and reliability at the forefront of the development process, Atlas Neck Braces challenged the idea of traditional neck protection in the sport of motocross. Focusing on the idea of "Less is More", the Atlas brace encompassed a rather simplistic design, because when it comes to premium neck protection, Atlas gives you more of what you really need, and less of what you don't. 

With several levels of neck protection available, starting at the Atlas Broll neck rolls for the youngsters, up through the Tyke and Prodigy braces for younger kids and early teens, right up to Atlas Air Neck Braces and Atlas Carbon Braces for the big boys. Unlike other brands, Atlas is a firm believer in premium protection for the whole family, and here at MXstore that is a belief that we hold close to our hearts as well. The future of sport lies in the youth of today, so the importance of being able to offer the ultimate protective equipment to the next generation as they come up through the ranks cannot be understated. Atlas put your safety first, and the first-class quality of their products speak for itself. 

Alongside their wide range of neck braces, Atlas are also proud to offer a variety of armour options for when you're out on the track or trails. Built upon the same design principles as their neck brace ranges, Atlas Body Armour offers a rather unique range of armour options that are sure to impress. From padded under armour, to lightweight body armour suits, Atlas carries the premium quality of the brand name into their body armours. At the end of the day, no one likes copping a virtual storm of terrafirma to the chest from the 450cc machine racing in front of you, so grab yourself some Atlas armour and put to bed the days of roost rash!