Off road riding gear has certainly come a long way over recent years. Whether you are participating in motocross, enduro riding or looking to head out adventure riding, manufacturers have developed dedicated motorcycle pants to best suit the type of riding your partaking in. For quite some time, if you were heading out on your adventure motorcycle your options when it came to riding pants was limited to either motocross gear or more dual sport oriented touring pants. With the increase in the amount of riders enjoying adventure touring, adventure gear has developed as it's own high tech version of motorcycle gear featuring some of the latest technologies and modern fabrics such as Gore-Tex, Drystar and Kevlar. These textile pant materials aid in ensuring your adventure pants offer a waterproof finish and handle the heavy duty abuse that comes from an extended stay in the seat. Adventure pants come primarily come in 2 styles: Ones that tuck into your boot as typical riding pants do, or ones that are regarded as over pants and are designed to go over the outside of your adventure boots. These over the boot models are highly regarded as they are seen to offer more comfort and movement, while ensuring no water drains down into your boot when dealing with adverse conditions. Most pants feature an array of zippers and venting to help deal with the changes between hot and cold conditions that constantly occur on longer rides.