Fuel cells are an essential for those enduro riders looking to perform a long ride with friends which might require a refuel along the way. Basically, these products are used as an extra fuel tank for when you are offroad in remote places and fuel is not available.

These fuel cell's come in 3,6 and 20 Litre storage sizes to accommodate you for any duration trip you should choose to undertake. Our Fuel Bladders are the best way to maintain safe fuel storage on the motorcycle for adventure riders and dirt bike riders of all categories. The cell is collapsible to under half its size when not in use which makes it easier for storage than an empty jerry can among all your extra riding gear.  The auxiliary fuel tank is supplied with a 250mm length fuel spout inside a dust proof pouch for when you need some emergency fuel on the go!

The fuel cells are useful for water as well as fuel, provided the cell has not been used for fuel in the past. With integrated support at the base of the bladder, strapping them down to your dirtbike has never been easier! They are made to be universal meaning it will easily secure to your KTMHusqvarnaYamahaHondaSuzuki or Kawasaki with ease!