If you have ever owned a dedicated motocross bike, you will be all to aware of the occasional annoyance brought on by the lack of a side stand. Having been removed by the manufacturers and banned by many race associations as a potential hazard, the best you might get when wheeling your motorbike out of the showroom is a complimentary triangle stand. Most enduro motorcycles will still be equipped with a side stand, and are a god send when off road on the trails and need to jump off your dirt bike to open gates or do some trail side maintenance. But whenever it comes for some more serious work on your machine, or even the most basic of tasks such as lubing your chain, a dirt bike stand that resides under your engine cases to let you raise your motorcycle off of the ground and keep it stable is a must have. 

There are a large range of stands that can offer this solution, but not all are created equal. There are static motorcycle stands that will see you needing to man handle your bike firstly onto the stand, and then again into the ideal arrangement, where perhaps having your rear wheel off of the ground is preferred. A great option is that of a dirt bike lift stand. Able to be raised and lowered with minimal effort, and mostly hands free in operation, a motorcycle lift stand can certainly take the heavy lifting out of bike maintenance. The MX lift stand is placed under your machine in it's lowered position, and then by way of depressing the lifter lever with your foot, the stand extends vertically to raise your bike easily and locks into the raised position. To lower, you just stand ready with a grip on your bike and work the lever to let the stand lower and your bike will return to Earth safely. There are a variety of adjustable lift stands from a wide range of manufacturers available here at MXstore, all of which qualify for our free shipping Australia wide.