We have over 50 different 2 stroke oils to choose from when you need to premix your race fuel before heading out to the track. To ensure your 2 stroke machine is running at a high performance it is essential to obtain some high-quality premix oil. 2 stroke dirt bikes are the starting point for many young racers entering at the 50cc discipline, usually on a KTM mini. 2 stroke engines have been in productions for much longer than 4 stroke engines and require less moving parts to produce equal horsepower at a higher rev range. 

Lubricating the engine and keep that motor oil clean is super important in the motocross or enduro scene considering the high temperatures the dirt bike engine will reach at any given time. We offer some of the best 2 stroke engine oil and racing oil to ensure the gearbox and the carburetor/oil injection systems running smoothly. We stock world-class brands such as MaximaMotul, CastrolMotorexBelray and more! With different oil viscosity to choose from such as Fully synthetic base, Semi-synthetic oil, Mineral Oil and Castor Oil, we have enough of the best 2 stroke oil to keep customers two-stroke engines running smoothly with every bit of throttle response.

When you are in need of the best performance motorcycle oil on the market for your next scheduled oil change make sure to check out the range! If you are not sure which products will suit you or your machine feel free to give our friendly customer service team a call or send us an email for any further information.