When it comes time to get out and go for a ride on our off road motorbike, not everyone is able to just roll out of the garage and ride. The typical mode of transport for most enduro and motocross riders is a trailer, van or ute to get to and from riding places. If you are stuck in the predicament of having a dirt bike and unable to acquire a vehicle that is made for transportation then a handy solution is that of a dirt bike carrier. These heavy duty motorcycle carriers connect to your vehicle's towbar and allow you to tie down your bike securely by either the footpegs or handlebars to convenient tie down points, and easily and safely get your bike where you need to go. Here at MXstore we offer the Ballards Bike Carrier. This Carrier Rack has been developed, tested and tweaked by none other than Geoff Ballard with 1000's of km's on the back of his race camper/hauler. Fitting these motorbike carrier units aren't too difficult if you have the appropriate trailer hitch receiver on your car, and are easily stored when not attached to your vehicle. It is important to ensure your tail lights and number plate can still be seen when loaded up to meet legal requirements - take a look at our LED light kits to add onto your motorbike rack itself. When towing, ensuring you have your bike rack securely and properly fitted will ensure that wobbles are kept to a minimum, and can be minimized further with the Ballards support bracket, a heavy duty steel anti tilt bracket that levers the rack as snugly into your hitch as possible. If you have any questions about our range of bike carriers and accessories give our friendly customer service team a shout.