There are a number of products which will make life easier when you're trying to secure your dirt bike in the back of your transporter, and wheel chocks certainly fall into that category. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with what exactly a wheel chock is, allow us to explain. A wheel chock is designed to be bolted down into your trailer or ute, either temporarily or permanently, depending on which style of wheel chock you're after. Once bolted down, the wheel chock acts as a support brace as well as security anchor point, ensuring that your dirt bike remains both stable and secure during transportation. 

Obviously, you'll want to ensure you have a decent set of motorbike Tie Downs to go along with your wheel chock, as they'll be keeping your bike firmly in place during travel. But the wheel chock adds that extra anchor point to ensure your bike stays exactly where it needs to throughout the journey. As any dirt bike lover knows, there is nothing worse seeing your machine in pain, and believe us when we say that there aren't a lot more painful ways for a dirt bike to go than falling out the back of your ute on the highway because it wasn't tied down and secured properly. Whilst we have a number of options available when it comes to wheel chocks, it's hard to go past the Ballards Wheel Chock - a homegrown favourite that gets the job done no matter what. Check out the video below and listen as GB describes to you exactly what it is and how it works.