Never before in the history of the motorcycle industry has a brand been so obsessed with safety. And given the dangers involved in the sport of motocross, that is the most healthy obsession a brand could ever have. Back in 2001, Dr Chris Leatt witnessed a fellow rider pass away as a result of a serious crash, and almost immediately put his plans into motion of designing a neck brace that would revolutionise the sport as we know it. Leatt sold its first neck brace three years later in 2004, and the company has done nothing but grow since then. Knee braces followed soon after neck braces, and highly advanced body armour suits, knee guards, elbow guards and helmets weren't too far behind. In more recent times, they have even released a wide range of Leatt motocross gear. But let's stop and take a moment to look into what makes Leatt one of the safest brands on the planet. 

Leatt neck braces truly were a game changer. Backed by some of the most in-depth and expansive research from a highly qualified team of bio-medical engineers, Dr Leatt put years of commitment, passion and dedication into the development of the most revolutionary piece of protective equipment in the sport. Leaving his medical career behind, Dr Leatt made it his life's work to focus exclusively on the continued advancement of the Leatt neck brace. The world of dirt bikes offers the ultimate test laboratory for a product such as the neck brace, and the endless stream of customer testimonials, professional reviews and first hand accounts tell the story of the Leatt neck brace as well as anything - these things save lives. Developed in a state-of-the-art facility in South Africa amongst some of the most respected names in sports science and medical engineering, you will not find a more thoroughly tested and proven piece of protective equipment in the sport. Don't take any chances with the most important thing of all, and protect yourself with a Leatt neck brace today.

Following on from the success of the their neck brace range, Leatt decided to tackle what many consider to be the most important piece of protective gear there is - the helmet. Head injuries are far too serious to take any chances with, and unfortunately motocross carries quite a risk when it comes to head injuries occuring. Traveling at such high speeds means that if you do come off your bike, chances are you'll be impacting the ground fairly hard. Leatt helmets have had years of design and development poured in to them for this exact eventuality. Their exclusive 360° Armourgel® Turbine concussion and brain rotation safety technology sets a new safety standard in the whole sport, and really sets Leatt helmets apart from the competition. If safety is your number one concern (and it definitely should be), get your head in a Leatt helmet and know that your precious melon is protected as well as it can be!

As Leatt continued to focus on protective equipment for the most critical areas of the human body, it seemed a given that Leatt knee braces wouldn't be too far off. The original C-Frame and more recent C-Frame Pro Carbon braces inherited the same medical research and development phases that went into the neck braces, but even their upper body counterparts would be envious of the truly magnificent piece of equipment that the Leatt knee braces are. Medically certified and extremely comfortable, these are a necessity for anyone who wishes to avoid a serious knee injury. ACL, MCL and Meniscus injuries are some of the most feared injuries across all sports, and definitely not ones that you would take a chance on. With the high speeds and often zig-zagging cornering involved in motocross, knee injuries are more common than most people would realise. Don't take the risk - get yourself a set of the best knee braces available.

Here at MXstore, Leatt is one of our favourite brands for many reasons, but their commitment to the safety of dirt bike riders is easily the most important. Shop Leatt today and protect yourself with the best!