Works Connection had the idea of producing “Works” or “Factory” type products and making them available to the general riding public back in 1989, which they pursued and still continue to do so today. With a large range of USA made Billet alloy, Titanium and High-Quality Injection Moulded Plastic products, it comes as no surprise to see names like Ken Roczen, Ryan Dungey and Cooper Webb using their product over the years. We'd go as far to say that you would struggle to find a rider on the start line of a professional motocross or supercross race nowadays that hasn't made use of a product from the Works Connection at some point of their riding career.
Works Connection got there start replicating some of the factory only items that were out of reach of the everyday rider and gave that exotic "drool" factor to the race bikes of the pros. These items were typically focused on protecting the more fragile parts of your machine, and you will still find in the Works Connection range today the Frame Guards that appeared on nearly every factory race bike of the early 90's, as well as Rear Master Cylinder Guards, Radiator Braces and an assortment of Extended and regular Skid Plates.
Works Connection also have an epic collection of bike bling bits and pieces, allowing you to go all out customizing your bike controls with anodized Brake Caps, Rotating Bar Clamps and Clutch Caps. Don't let your engine miss out on the love with Oil Filler Plugs, Oil Filter Covers, Oil Dipsticks all available in a variety of colours for a variety of models. The rear end of your machine doesn't miss out as Works Connection offer Axle Blocks to not only add to the look but help ensure things are dialled in with your rear wheel and stays where it is meant to with precise adjustability options.
While bling is important, manufacturing solid reliable parts is probably up there we'd say. The parts that tend to be hidden away on your bike that appear in the Works Connection catalogue are still made to a standard that allows them to put their name and reputation on them - no questions asked. Throttle Tubes, Hour Meters as well as an assortment of Air Fork and Air Shock utensils all wear the Works Connection brand.
Always looking for ways to improve looks and performance, Works Connection have done just that with their well known Elite Clutch Lever Assemblies. These systems use 3 sealed bearings inside a leverage ratio designed Billet lever, with a Billet perch and “Factory” on the fly adjuster. Also available in a wide range of colours, these clutch assemblies have set the standard for professional and amateur offroad racing for almost a decade.
Works Connection Titan Skid Plates are one of their most recent products. Made of High-Quality Injection Moulded Plastic, Billet mounting hardware and a Bronzed Titanium look finish, this is just one of the hundreds of high-quality USA made products made by Works Connection. They are your one-stop-shop for a trick looking and well-performing bike.