Force Accessories are an Australian based company, designing top of the line, super strong aluminium protection products for off road dirt bikes. Over the years they have grown from a small company to now manufacturing products for many Australian off road race teams and seeing big results in the Australia Enduro-X Series, Romaniacs Extreme Enduro and the ISDE events.

If you're riding off road, it's easy to have a small slip and end up on the ground. Sometimes you get away lucky, other times you're loading up that bike of yours early to head home, and twisted radiators are the biggest culprit for that. With Force Radiator Guards you'll never need to stress about twisted and dented radiators again! These billet radiator guards offer maximum protection on the front, side and back of the radiator as they wrap right around and brace back to your frame, while still offering maximum air flow with specially designed grill on the front. Force offer these guards in a large range of colours for just about any dirt bike on the market. No more worrrying about damaged radiators, throw on a pair of these bad boys and go smack some trees!  

Bash plates are a must have in any type of off road riding, whether it's motocross or enduro racing, or even just general trail riding on weekends, you can never have enough protection on your motor. Many companies offer bash plates, but none offer anything like Force Bash Plates. These plates are a special design, only having 1 bolt to mount it, making it much easier for maintenance then other traditional plates which require 2 or 3 bolts with fidgety mounts. Also covering alot more engine area then other brands, protecting a wide section of your water pump and ignition and made from super strong aluminium, no logs or rocks will want to mess with these.