Most modern offroad and enduro motocross bikes have a hydraulic brake system and often a hydraulic clutch system as well. KTM's, for example, have a Magura hydraulic clutch and a Brembo braking setup. We have a range of brake fluids and hydraulic clutch fluids to suit your dirtbikes master cylinders. We offer a variety of brands with DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1, and mineral oils to suit all makes and models! Industry Leading Brands such as Motul, Motorex, Castrol, and Maxima are some of the best sellers for engine oils, fork oils, and many other lubricants needed to maintain a dirt bike. This extends greatly into the Brake and Clutch fluids!

If you choose to change your OEM Hydraulic Fluids be sure to check your owners manual and find which brake or clutch fluids are recommended for your bike. We also stock a range of brake bleeder kits to make the tedious job a little easier for you and prevent air bubbles through the brake lines and clutch lines which also eliminates the possibility of your brakes fading and your clutch from failing. Motorcycle parts such as the slave cylinder and the master cylinder of braking systems (located on the handlebars and on the brake calipers) can be overlooked, but are one of the vital components to making sure you keep your bike out on the track running perfectly! Replacing your OEM parts for the braking and clutch systems is recommended to prevent potentially having parts fail at the track.

We have a huge range of brake and clutch fluids to suit many makes and models of KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, and Suzuki's! If you are unsure which hydraulic fluid is best suited to your machine, before adding to your wishlist give our friendly customer service team a call, send us an email or use our live chat feature on our website!