You love your 450 because it is too powerful, you love the sound of your full exhaust system because it is too loud and you love your new boxer briefs because they are too freeing. Gentlemen, you can wear the best pair of riding pants, the latest in fashion jeans or a tailored pair of pants but if you are not wearing the correct base layer something is going to feel off. Gone are the days of wearing your old scratchy pair of underwear when riding your dirt bike. No longer will you get off the bike and feel like you waterboarded and tortured your poor mini-me! Thanks to a few legends in the dirt bike industry you can now own a pair of briefs for every occasion.

Compression shorts are aimed at guys doing motocross or supercross, these are made of an elastic material like spandex that is breathable and helps to keep everything in place, almost like a second layer of skin. Impact shorts, padded shorts, and riding shorts are aimed at enduro, MTB, BMX, ATV and off-road riders these shorts are made of an elastic material and incorporate high-quality padding to help absorb and distribute the force of an impact. Dirt Bike boxer briefs are aimed at every guy with a package, they are comfortable, have a sick design and provide the perfect balance between freedom and support.

Whether you are wearing a hoodie and searching on Google or you are wearing a pair of riding Goggles and fighting the handlebars, at MXstore we got you covered with a massive range of men's underwear and padded shorts from all your favourite brands including Alpinestar, Troy Lee Designs, Leatt, Thor, Fox Racing, EVSEthika, and O'Neal.

Now get comfortable and get out there and Ride More!