Maintaining the engine of your dirt bike is essential to extend the life of the dirt bike and ensure you secure a good resale. Water pumps are essential for the cooling of the motorcycle and work together with the radiator coolant to keep the engine from overheating. Water pump repair kits include the necessary gaskets and water pump seals to replace the worn-out OEM ones as well as the water pump shaft. Some of these offer a new high-quality impeller replacement to accommodate the seal kits and new bearing kits being replaced. When pulling off the water pump cover be extra careful not to lose any of the smaller components that might fall out as well. 

Replacing the water pump inner components and upgrading the cooling system can also help mitigate wear and tear to the top end of the motorcycle and limit the need to replace gasket kits on alternate engine parts. This ensures that next time you pull the gear bag out, open up some fresh riding gear and throw a leg over the bike onto your fresh seat cover you are certain your machine is ready for anything you can throw at it that day!