Modern dirt bikes have come a long way. Back in the day, having a set of blinkers on your off road machine meant that you were gonna be working hard once you got off the tarmac. The bikes that were designed as dual sport motorcycles where certainly more capable on the road, and would require a fair bit of work to get decent performance off the asphalt. But as we said, modern bikes now feature significant off road capabilities, while featuring turn signals, tail lights and headlights. Plenty of enduro riders and racers, and even motocross enthusiasts can get their riding done with their motorcycle indicators affixed. Here at MXstore we stock a solid range of replacement indicators, bulbs, indicator resistors and LED motorcycle components. A clever option for your indicators if you're certainly giving it some on the track or trail, is to install a set of ClicknRide LED indicators. This Australian invention allows you to quickly remove your indicators once you have left the road and headed into the bush, ensuring that the fragile and exposed indicator light is safely stowed away, ready to be re-installed once you need to return to the real world. The universal fitment of these guys will allow them to work with any make and model of bike, whether you're on a Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki or a European KTM. Several other options include amber LED lights to connect to your dirt bike handguards to allow for a wider indicator option at the ends of your handlebars.