Keeping the motorcycle greased up and freely moving in important areas such as your steering head bearings, front and rear wheel bearings, Swingarm and linkage bearings. New bikes sometimes don't get the proper amount of grease in these crucial areas and can seize after time. We recommend greasing these types of the area's on your motocross bike to ensure the life of your bearings is extended and also working correctly with every ride! 

We offer a range of lubricants such as motorcycle chain lubesMaxima chain waxBelray air filter cleaner, Motorex cleaners, Motul dirt bike chain cleaner plus a range of engine oils and coolants to replace your OEM setup! Lubricating your machine is extremely important in many ways. Lubing the chain to prevent a build-up of grime and rust and having good quality motor oil to ensure the internals are moving freely and effectively and for all offroad dirtbikes.