Fly Racing was launched back on January 1 in 1998 in the United States, and has literally taken off to now be available in over 40 countries around the world. Specialising in professional grade motocross, ATV, adventure, BMX, MTB and snowmobile gear, accessories and hard parts, Fly Racing offers an enormous range of everything you could possibly need for extreme action sports. Widely regarded as one of the premium motocross gear brands on the planet, professional championships around the world are litered with riders flying the flag for the Fly Racing brand. Names like Trey Canard, Josh Grant, Weston Peick, Davi Millsaps, Blake Baggett, Jace Owen and Martin Davalos keep Fly Racing firmly entrenched in the top of the field each and every week, so it's clear to see that Fly is a brand that can handle the demands of the fastest motocross riders around the world!

Fly Racing Motocross Gear is available in 4 different ranges, all catering to different technical features and price categories to ensure that there is a range of Fly Racing gear available for everyone. Led by their top of the line Evolution range, Fly's premium gear offers some of the most technically advanced features on the market, for a price that is much more affordable than some of the competition. Backed up by their mid-level Lite and Kinetic ranges, Fly uses these ranges to display some of their wildest designs and colour schemes to ensure you not only stand out on the track, but you have the gear to ensure you can ride to your true potential. The Fly Racing F-16 range is a true price point range, offering high quality for a price that is affordable for the average weekend warrior. No matter your price range or your style, Fly has got the gear for you.

Any serious motocross gear range needs a solid range of protective gear, and Fly certainly don't leave you hanging with their huge range of Fly Racing Helmets. The Fly Racing F2 helmets offer a premium level Carbon Fiber/Kevlar composite helmet with the MIPS protection system for a much more affordable price than other brands, and the Kinetic helmet range offers a price point helmet with some seriously cool graphics for your less competitive riders. Aside from their dirt bike helmets, Fly also specialise in dual sport adventure helmets, as seen in their Fly Trekker helmets. The crossover design offers the best of both worlds, with a very MX style design combining with street styling to create one of the most versatile helmets around. No matter your discipline, Fly has a helmet for you, and better yet, they offer helmets for both adults and kids, so you can trust Fly to protect the whole family!

Furthering their desire to offer the best protective gear to the whole family, Fly produce one of the most complete ranges of motocross boots, offering three distinct colourways available for both adults and kids. The Fly Racing Maverik Boots are a fan favourite, with some of the coolest boot designs you'll find anywhere, available at an extremely affordable price. Your feet and ankles are one of the most important aspects of not only riding a motorcycle, but also life in general. Don't take any chances when it comes to the protection of your feet and ankles, and get them in a pair of Fly boots today. Combining protection, durability and value like no other boot can, these are simply too good to pass up!