Brake levers are a small but important part of your motorcycle. Located on the right-hand side of your handlebars, these front brake levers are susceptible to snapping and/or bending. Replacement brake and clutch levers are found easily on our website using the bike finder tool. We offer brake levers as single replacement items or you can purchase a lever set to upgrade your OEM levers to some flex clutch and brake levers! The benefit of folding brake levers is the spring attached to the lever assembly to reduce the risk of the brake lever snapping. 

These options are available for a huge range of models regardless of your machine is a KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki or Suzuki. We have a range of industry favourite brands for our customers to choose from and find their colour and style preference such as Zeta, ProTaper, Torc1, RHK, ASV Levers and more! KTM and Husqvarna models primarily use a Magura clutch and Brembo master cylinder brake set up. If you are looking to upgrade either of those levers we have a range to fit into the OEM clutch perch and OEM brake perch assembly.  Brake levers are one of the most common replacement items our customers purchase and will continue to be one of the highest selling items for any motocross or enduro dirt bike. CNC machined Flex front brake levers are highly recommended as they are used to prevent the need for purchasing replacement levers each time you drop the dirt bike.

Most of the market-leading brands listed above offer brake pedals for the rear brake located in front of the right footpeg. These aftermarket replacements are also recommended to match the brake and clutch lever set on the handlebars and also offer supreme protection. Be sure to add these items to the shopping cart!