Our range of throttle tubes is quite dense with us stocking 13 different brands which include brands such as Motion Pro, ODI, Works Connection, Pro Circuit, Pro Taper and more. We sell plastic throttle tubes and aluminum tubes depending on what style you rather ride with. We supply throttle tubes for all KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki motocross bikes with bike-specific and universal options.

Throttle tubes are easy to fit as it is as simple as taking apart the throttle housing and fitting the correct cam before putting it onto the handlebar and fitting a grip, then you're away! If you're unsure whether to get a plastic or aluminium throttle tube, make sure to consider an aluminum throttle tube that is going to last much longer and also have a freer feel when needing throttle control on your dirtbike.

This is definitely one to add to that wishlist so that you can enjoy a crisp non-stick throttle! Just watch out! With throttles, this good your bike is going to be throwing you off the back and that whiskey throttle can creep up fast!