Cleaning your dirt bike is essential after a big day of riding. We offer a range of cleaning products and bike care products to keep the machine shining after a big day hitting jumps on the motocross tracks. Bike cleaning is not the most fun, hopefully using some of the cleaning brushes and bike cleaner kits on offer you are able to make it quicker and easier! We hold a large display of chain cleaner and degreasers to go with the chain cleaning brush set as well as cleaning tools produced by 'Muc off' with their biodegradable cleaning products. Bike cleaning kits include a bike wash solution to mix in with your pressure washer as well as degreasing remover products for the drivetrain to remove and muck or grime on your new Yamaha 450F.

Motocross and enduro dirt bikes chain lube can flick off and onto the underside of the plastics, these cleaning products and brush kit/scrubber tools help you reach areas where you usually miss. We keep many of these products in stock and ready to go when you need. Cleaning brush bristles are super strong and dont detirierate after a hand full of uses, making these brush tools essential for the cleaning kit!